Serve Inside the Church

Serve Inside the Church

We believe that service within the church is a way that we can collectively contribute to one another's well being and spiritual nourishment. We would love to have you lend your gifts and talents in an area that is needed within our congregation. Please review the opportunities below and contact the church office to get involved.

Altar Guild

Essential to every service in the life of the parish, the altar guild ensures the church is prepared for worship and keeps all sacred objects in good order.

Eucharistic Ministers and Visitors

Both during a service of Holy Communion and beyond, Eucharistic ministers and visitors assist the clergy in reading scripture, leading prayers, and bringing the consecrated bread and wine to the congregation.


The members of the choir employ their voices to lead the congregation in singing sacred music.

Saint Margaret's Guild

The women of the Saint Margaret's guild provide meals, cookies, or other hosting needs for funerals.


Serving as cross-bearers and torch-bearers, acolytes are youth who assist the clergy and other ministers during worship services.


The face of hospitality at all worship services, ushers help the congregation to gather in the church, pass the offering plates, and move through the church to receive Holy Communion.

We want to pray for you.

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We want to serve.

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